Advancing Industry Standards with Expert Refractory Solutions

K&G: Pioneering Excellence in Industrial Maintenance Across the U.S.

Tailored Industrial Solutions for Optimal Performance

At K&G, we specialize in delivering expert refractory and industrial maintenance services, leaning on decades of combined experience to enhance customer efficiencies and reliability. Our team is committed to helping our customers elevate operational standards in Cement & Lime, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, and Utility sectors across the United States.


Elevate your industrial resilience with our specialized refractory services, ensuring durability and efficiency under extreme conditions.


Optimize your operations with our comprehensive mechanical solutions, where precision engineering meets unmatched reliability.


Build a foundation of safety and accessibility for your projects with our expert scaffolding services, tailored to your specific needs.


Advance your infrastructure with our Fiber Reinforced Plastic solutions, offering unparalleled durability and innovation for any environment.

Prioritizing Safety at Every Step

At K&G, safety is our cornerstone, deeply embedded in every aspect of our operations. We uphold the highest safety standards through rigorous protocols and continuous training, ensuring that every team member is not only well-versed in the latest safety practices but also carries a safety-first mindset. This commitment safeguards our employees, clients, and the integrity of our work, establishing K&G as a benchmark in industrial safety excellence.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Industries Served

Pulp & Paper
Hazardous Waste
Pellet & OSB Mills
Industrial Metals: Steel & Aluminum
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