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Comprehensive Scaffolding Solutions

Streamlining Projects, Enhancing Focus

At K&G Industrial Services, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive scaffolding services tailored to meet the needs of any customer. By taking charge of the scaffolding process from start to finish, we alleviate the workload on our clients, enabling them to concentrate on their core operations without the hassle of coordinating between contractors and third-party scaffolding companies. Our end-to-end service model ensures seamless planning, coordination, and execution of scaffolding projects, significantly enhancing operational efficiencies and project turnaround times.

Expertise and Efficiency in Scaffolding

Building Safety and Speed into Every Project

With over 25 years of experience, K&G’s scaffolding teams bring unmatched expertise to every project, understanding precisely the unique requirements of the facilities we service. Our in-house scaffolding groups foster improved project efficiency and synergies, as they are intimately familiar with our processes, allowing for faster and more cost-effective scaffold construction. This internal coordination not only speeds up project completion but also ensures scaffolds are built with the highest safety and quality standards in mind, tailored perfectly to the task at hand.

Our Process

Planning and Preparation

Comprehensive pre-job planning and budgeting by project managers.

Design & Engineering

Safety-focused design and engineering before on-site work begins.

Erection and Daily Inspections

Scaffold erection followed by daily safety inspections and adjustments.

Dismantling and Quality Assurance

Efficient dismantling, cleanup, and rigorous quality assurance measures.

We Specialize In:

  1. Bleach Towers: Expertise in erecting scaffolds for bleach towers with an emphasis on safety and accessibility.

  2. Preheat & Conditioning Towers: Specialized in scaffolding for preheat and conditioning towers, ensuring stability and efficiency.

  3. Chemical Storage Tanks: Precision in scaffolding around chemical storage tanks, tailored for secure and safe access.

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