Cement & Lime

K&G Industrial Services excels in supporting the cement and lime industry through comprehensive outage services, including refractory, mechanical, and scaffold support, alongside FRP coatings. Our MSHA/OSHA trained teams bring unparalleled experience in maintenance, including raw mills and clinker coolers management, offering both full-time and part-time support for facility upkeep. Specialized in labor and cleanup, our services extend to plant improvements and general support, enhanced by advanced solutions like Brokk robotic demolition.

Pulp & Paper

In the pulp and paper industry, K&G Industrial Services offers full-service refractory solutions for tanks, tile chests, kilns, and boilers, backed by expert mechanical services including pipe fitting and welding. Our scaffolding support and FRP coatings for tanks and piping ensure a comprehensive service package, designed to meet the industry’s unique maintenance and safety requirements.

Hazardous Waste & Incineration

K&G Industrial Services provides critical support for the hazardous waste and incineration sector, offering specialized refractory services, mechanical expertise, and reliable scaffolding support. Our team is dedicated to ensuring operational safety and efficiency in handling and disposal processes, highlighting our commitment to environmental responsibility.


For the chemical industry, K&G Industrial Services delivers a robust range of services including mechanical support, refractory solutions, and FRP services, complemented by versatile scaffolding capabilities. Our approach is tailored to meet the stringent safety and quality standards of the chemical sector, ensuring resilient and reliable infrastructure maintenance.


K&G Industrial Services powers the energy sector with expert mechanical services, including fuel system repairs, pipe fitting, and welding, along with essential facility maintenance. Our refractory and scaffolding solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of power generation facilities, underpinning the critical infrastructure of the energy industry.

Lumber/OSB Mills

In the lumber and oriented strand board (OSB) mills industry, K&G Industrial Services stands out in its expertise in mechanical services. We support the sector’s unique needs with precision and care, ensuring the durability and efficiency of machinery and facilities crucial to wood product manufacturing.

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