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A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation at K&G

Shaping the Future of Industrial Services

At K&G Industrial Services, our reputation and experience in refractory and industrial maintenance sets us apart. With a rich history of serving the Cement & Lime, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, and Utility sectors across more than 35 states, our team of over 400 professionals is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled service. At K&G, we’re more than a service provider—we’re your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence and safety. Discover our journey, values, and the unwavering commitment to our clients and employees that define our success.

Formation of K&G in Theodore, Alabama
Opened new location in Fort Worth, Texas
Opened new location in Farmington, Maine
Moved to current headquarters in Loxley, Alabama
Began operations out of Winter Haven, Florida
Acquired pulp & paper refractory company Refra-Chem Linings

Elevating Pulp & Paper Services with Refra-Chem Linings, Inc.

Expanding Excellence: K&G's Strategic Acquisition

In a significant expansion of its service capabilities, K&G Industrial Services proudly announced the acquisition of Refra-Chem Linings, Inc., a leading pulp & paper refractory company, on January 3rd, 2017. This strategic move not only integrated Refra-Chem’s expert team into K&G, enhancing our workforce, but also extended our legacy in delivering top-tier, safe, and cost-effective refractory solutions. The Refra-Chem Division now spearheads specialized projects across the Southeast United States, offering unparalleled expertise in firebrick and acid brick installations, tile tank restoration, and comprehensive refractory services for the pulp and paper industry. With a commitment to maintaining high-quality work through its skilled superintendents and masons, and leveraging the engineering acumen of its leaders, the division ensures K&G remains a valuable source of service and technical advice for our clients, reinforcing our position as a leader in industrial refractory solutions.

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